Visalia Unified School District Course Outline

Course Title: Web Design
Grade Level: 10-12
Elective/Required: Elective
Length/Credits: Two semesters, 5 credits per semester
Prerequisites: Web Applications, Digital Literacy and/or permission of instructor Course Number: 4623

I. Course Description:
This course covers the design, creation, editing and management of web pages and web sites.
Students learn the essential elements of effective website design and development, and create web pages using html, css, blogging software, online site builders (Google Sites), and installed desktop software (Dreamweaver and Kompozer or other). Students create, edit and optimize graphics and animations for web use using graphics editing software (Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Gimp or other). Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design and construct web sites that include scripting, graphics, navigation, multi-media, and interactive elements.

II. Instructional Materials

Required Text: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, 2013 Delmar, Cengage Learning- Bishop, Sherry

Supplementary Texts: (Indicate unit for which supplementary text(s) are used)
For HTML and Javascripting: HTML and JavaScript Basics, 3rd Edition, 2006, Thomson Course Technology, Barksdale/Turner
For Design Principles: The Non-Designer’s Design Book, 2nd Edition, 2004, Peachpit Press, Robin Williams

Online tutorials, samples and references

III. Course Outline (Include approximate length of time)

History and Structure of the Internet (1 week) ● Origins of the Internet

●  Client/Server relationships

●  File structure and file types

●  Binary and Hexadecimal number systems

Principles of Design (1 week)

Proximity Alignment Repetition Contrast Color

page layout (1 week) navigation features content areas headers

footers grids

Information Gathering and customer/client relationships (2 weeks)

●  Information gathering and sources

●  asking questions of clients

●  determining client preferences and agreeing on work to be done

●  creating site storyboards and flowcharts

●  read/write to stay current with web trends and legislation

Web page and site building tools

●  coding with html (3 weeks)

    ●  Tags

    ●  Headings

    ●  Numbered and Bulleted Lists

    ●  Save and View HTML Pages

    ●  Single and Double Spacing

    ●  Lines and Background Colors

    ●  Attributes and Values

    ●  Hyperlinks and Values

    ●  Creating Hypertext Links to the Web

    ●  Linking to Pages

    ●  Downloading and Inserting Graphics

    ●  Tables

    ●  divs

●  coding with CSS (3 weeks)

○ formatting text

○ borders
○ backgrounds ○ positioning

○ margins

○ padding
● installed web page and site management software (Dreamweaver, Kompozer, Expression or

comparable) (10 weeks)

●  Setting Up a Web Site

●  Adding and Modifying Text on a Web Site

●  Working with Images

●  Working with Links

●  Working with Tables

●  maintaining Consistency with Templates and CSS

●  Enhancing a Web Page with Rich Media

●  Reviewing, Testing and Publishing a Web Site

●  Managing a Site

●  Web

    ●  import, resize and save images

    ●  add effects to images

    ●  add white space around images

    ●  Working with the Timeline

    ●  Working with Symbols, Instances, and the Library

    ●  Animating Shapes, Symbols, Text

    ●  Tweening

    ●  Creating Film-Style Effects

    ●  Working with Sound

    ●  Adding Flash Navigation Elements

    ●  Preparing Video for the Web

    ●  Improving Accessibility and Usability

●  online building tools (4 weeks)

    ○  Google Site

    ○  Blogger (or comparable free blogging site) ○ Wikis

○ WIX ( or comparable free web page builder)

● installed blogging and content management systems (CMS) (3 weeks) ○ Wordpress

○ Drupal or Joomla
Capstone Project and Web Portfolio (3 weeks)

IV. Expectations for Student Learning (Must include content standards as appropriate)

A. Create, utilize, and trouble shoot source code using HTML and Javascript B. Utilize hardware and software for purposes of producing web - sites with socially redeeming value

Graphics and Animation (Photoshop, Flash, Gimp or comparable software) (5 weeks)

C. Communicate with project group members, school staff personnel and off campus contacts in an effective and acceptable manner regarding projects to be accomplished
D. Identify, utilize the essential elements of effective Web Page design

E. Students will address the following Technology Standards- 1. General technology knowledge & skills
1.1 Hardware care
1.2 OS literacy

1.3 File management
1.4 Keyboarding
1.5 Peripheral use
2. Writing, publishing and presentation with technology tools 3. Data analysis and problem solving

3.3 Concept mapping
3.4 Simulations
4. Information literacy, research and online communication
4.1 Online search tools
4.2 Online communication tools
5. Responsible and ethical uses of technology
5.1 Copyright
5.3 Password protection
5.4 Web use
F. CAHSEE Standards
Math Domains:
Number Sense-manipulate numbers and equations
Mathematical Reasoning- develop problem solving skills, strategies and approaches in order to find solutions for a variety of mathematical problems
Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability- collect organize and represent data
English Language Arts Domains:
1.0 Understand the meaning of specialized vocabulary and grade level appropriate words.
2.0 Read and understand grade level appropriate material including functional workplace documents, technical directions, professional journals, editorials, and on-line information.
Speaking and Listening
1.0 Deliver focused, coherent presentations using elements of effective speech and communication skills. Analyze and respond to oral and media communications.

V. Instructional Methods
Demonstration, lecture, lab work, research, web tutorials VI. Assessment and Evaluations

●  Lab assignments

●  Group and individual Projects ● Quizzes
● Tests

● Portfolio/Capstone Project

VII. Grading Policy

A = 100 - 90 B = 89 - 80 C = 79 - 70 D = 69 – 60 F = 59 -0